Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Pool Company

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    A swimming pool is a pleasure and an asset. It is also expensive to build and maintain. There are many firms that would like to build your pool. How do you decide which one is best? Five concerns are most important when considering what firm to hire. How long have they built pools? What do their ratings from online sites like the Better Business Bureau look like? Are they fully licensed and insured? Will they provide references you can talk to? In your initial contacts with them, did they answer your questions, or did you get a sales pitch immediately?

    The length of time they have been in business is an indicator of reliability and local reputation. A firm with a poor reputation doesn’t stay in business very long. Use online ratings cautiously, but they can be important indicators of customer satisfaction, particularly if they are similar on several different ratings sites.

    The company should be fully licensed and insured. Licensing means they have met all local and professional stipulations about training and expertise. Being fully insured means they and you are protected in case employees or bystanders are injured, or if property is damaged. If a company is fully licensed and insured, it will be prominently displayed on their site.

    Online reviews are now basically the same as using references, check their ratings and reviews or you can ask the firm if they have any customers willing to speak with you.

    Lastly, what is your initial experience with the company? Are they courteous and helpful in answering your questions? If they are, that’s good. If they tried a hard sell approach the minute you walked in the door, that’s not so good.

    No one of these five things should determine what Lake Worth pool companies or other pool company you choose. The combination of all five should give you a good idea of which is the best choice.


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