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Residential Pool Service

Residential Pool Service in Palm Beach County, FL

Barefoot Pools offers maintenance and repairs for all residential pools. We are the most consistent and reliable Residential Pool Service and Repair Company in South Florida. What sets us apart from our competitors is our exceptional service, professionalism and affordable rates. We are family owned and locally based in Boynton Beach/Lake Worth providing Residential Pool Service for all of South Florida.

Weekly Residential Pool Service and Spa Service for South Florida

  • Once per week service on a consistent day
  • Net Out Floating Debris
  • Clean Tiles/Waterline
  • Vacuum Pool and Spa as Needed
  • Brush Steps and Walls
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Strainer Baskets
  • Check Chemicals and Adjust Accordingly
  • Backwash Filter as needed and Recharge with DE
  • VIP Service Available
  • Examine Pool Equipment and Communicate to homeowner regarding any issues
Lighthouse Point Pool Service and Maintenance


lake worth pool cleaning


We are fully dedicated to our customer base by offering professional and affordable pool service in Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach and all of South Florida. When you choose us, there is no need to worry about customer satisfaction because we treat all our customers like family.

lake worth pool cleaning


Owning a pool can bring many years of joy to your family. To ensure that you get the most out of your pool or spa, regular pool maintenance is required. There are many ins and outs when it comes to maintaining a safe and functioning pool. Barefoot Pools has the experience needed.

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Pool equipment is a crucial aspect to your pool’s performance, and it can be stressful when things malfunction. At Barefoot Pools, we want to ease your worries by offering you the exceptional knowledge and skill necessary to keep your pool in excellent condition all year.

lake worth pool cleaning


Barefoot Pools has a Pool Supply store located in Lake Worth where you can come by and shop for all your pool supply needs. We offer a variety of choices of pool cleaners, pool and spa chemicals, safety equipment, filter cartridges, chemical testing kits, and much more. Come on in!

Residential Pool Services In Home

If you are looking for pool maintenance, pool cleaning, or pool service for your home in Palm Beach then you have come to the right place! Barefoot Pools offers exceptional service at affordable rates. We service residents in Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Wellington, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and all of South Florida (FL).

Exceptional weekly pool and spa service that fits around you

We know that maintaining a collection can be a tedious and time-consuming task. We offer weekly service on a day that you choose, at the time you choose to fit around your busy schedule. For over twenty years, pool maintenance and pool service have been our livelihood in South Florida. No one knows the ins and outs of swimming pools like we do.

We clean every inch

There is a lot of cleaning to be done when it comes to pools, it can almost seem too daunting to tackle on your own, especially once a week. With our service, we make sure to clean every aspect of your pool and spa in South Florida. We pay attention to every minute detail. We will net out every bit of floating debris. We will brush the steps and walls where most of the grit and dirt collects. We also clean the tiles and pay special attention to the water line which tends to stain. To get rid of the extra bits the filters don’t catch we will vacuum the pool and spa when needed.

We even clean what isn’t seen

Every pool has an intricate system that can seem complicated to the homeowner. We will make sure that each part is working to its full potential. Depending on what kind of system you own, we will backwash the filter and recharge it with DE, as well as pump the strainer baskets and empty the skimmer. Making sure that the water is at the right ph balance is key to a healthy pool. If the chemical level is too low, algae will form; if it is too high, it runs the risk of irritating the eyes and skin. We will make sure that your pool is at the right balance and will adjust the levels accordingly so that you don’t have to worry about your health and the health of your loved ones. We want to make sure that you can fully enjoy your pool with the proper safety.

We also offer additional services

We don’t just clean or repair your pool. We can also install and repair any equipment you need. We also offer acid washes if you feel your pool needs a deep clean and can completely remodel your pool. If you are a new home-buyer and you would like the pool to be inspected to make sure everything is in order before you buy, we will be there for you. For some people, chemical pools can be too harsh, in that case, a salt system is much easier on the skin and eyes, and we offer full installation for salt systems as well. We will communicate with you regarding any issues we find and offer free advice to make sure you are informed every step of the way. Call us or contact us today to start enjoying your pool the way you should be in Palm Beach, FL.


Here are a few cities we offer our Pool Service in:


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