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    Top Rated Palm Beach Pool Service

    Palm Beach Pool Service Pros – Barefoot Pools

    Nowadays having a pool on your residential or commercial space can increase the value of the property and can bring you more profit on the long term. But you need to make sure you work with the best pool maintenance contractor to maintain your pool in top shape.

    Pool Service Palm BeachReliable and competitive pool services

    Barefoot Pools is the name you are looking for when your commercial property needs pool service or Pool Repair Palm BeachYou want your apartment building pool to be in a great shape and we can help you by cleaning the floating debris and the water. After gathering all the leaves and other items which can float on the water surface, our professional team will clean and brush the waterline, the stairs and the tiles.

    Deep cleaning

    But what you aren’t able to see can also harm you; in this case your tenants. We have the solution for this problem as well: Barefoot Pools provides deep water cleaning, employing the best substances available on the pool cleaning market. If the pool smells of chlorine you might think everything is okay, but this is in fact a sign you have to call us to clean the water, even shock the pool. Smell is the result of chlorine being overwhelmed by bacteria. If you ignore the problem your tenants might ask you to reduce the rent or they might leave to cleaner pools.

    Qualified team members

    Barefoot Pools had grown to be the best pool service company in Palm Beach, FL, due to its commitment to provide high quality service to each client, regardless he is a great mall owning a community club or a local homeowner who enjoys his own pool. Our technicians are trained on regular basis so they can be updated with the latest cleaning methods and pool-related devices. Because we know safety comes first, our pool cleaning services always come with insurance, so you can just call us and then relax until you can dive again into the pool.

    Professional tools and supplies

    The Barefoot Pools team is experienced and trained, but we also use the best tools and supplies to clean your pool. Our professional tools help us get the job done quicker and more effective, so you can open your pool as soon as possible. We can also offer flexible schedule for your cleaning job, to allow you to conduct the daily pool activities. This way you can be sure you are not going to lose money by closing the pool for maintenance when you work with us.

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