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    Top Rated Pool Service in Lake Worth

    Lake Worth Pool Service Pros

    Being the premier Lake Worth pool companyBarefoot Pools always puts the client first. This is how we always keep our clients happy, so they can rely on us to keep their families and friends safe when enjoying their swimming pools. Come and meet us to see who we are and how we work in Lake Worth, FL.

    Reduce the monthly bill for Pool Service Lake Worth

    From our over 20 years of activity in the pool service Lake Worth field, we know that a damaged filter or a leaking pool can turn into a huge monthly bill for your family. This is only one of the many reasons why we aim to spot any problems in your pool as soon as possible, to reduce your bills on water and energy, keeping the pool sparkling blue.Pool Service Lake Worth

    We let our professionalism speak for us

    When a Barefoot Pools technician comes at your door, he is equipped with the best tools which help him get the job done as fast and reliable as possible. When you call us for pool cleaning, it’s up to us to explain every detail of the job you may be unaware of. Once there, we also make our best to eliminate any questions or concerns.

    The 100% cleaning promise

    When you call Barefoot Pools for pool cleaning you ask for the 100% cleaning promise. Let us explain what this means. When we get to your pool we assess the pool problems and clean both the water and the structure, so you can enjoy your pool to the maximum. We never rely on cleaning the spots or cutting corners – we make the cleaning process top to bottom, because we are the top pool service and maintenance Lake Worth company!

    Exceeding expectations and delivering the top quality pool service Lake Worth

    Our technicians are trained to exceed your expectations when it comes to pool cleaning and this is how we became the leader in this field. We offer guaranteed services for every pool we clean as a proof of our professionalism and dedication to customers. When you need a pool filter changed, repaired or cleaned, a pool pump checked or other related job, be it in the cleaning and repair area, call us: we’ve got your back when it comes to any type of pool problems!

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