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    Top Rated Delray Beach Pool Service

    Delray Beach Pool Service Pros

    After 25 years, we’ve come to understand certain swimming pools face certain issues or problems. This is why we learned to adjust our services and make them as flexible as possible at Barefoot Pools, the #1 company in the field of pool maintenance in Delray Beach, Florida.

    We install the pool, we care for it

    There are few things more fun than your own pool and we know it very well: this is why we are committed to offer the best pool service and maintenance to each client we have in Delray Beach. The wide array of pool issues has an even wider array of solutions, all of them offered for the best price and with the highest precision by our skilled team members.

    What services we can provide

    Barefoot Pools can take care of any pool cleaning problem. Among the services we offer there are filter cleaning, tile brushing and water testing. Filters are the devices which can maintain your water debris-free, as they suck water and use the sand to filter it before pumping it back into your pool. When the filter is down, grime and other debris will appear gathering on the tiles and the areas around the pool.Pool Service Delray Beach

    Best tools for your pool

    Your pool requires the best pool cleaning services in Delray Beach and we are committed to providing that to you. Our experienced technicians use the best tools available to test your water and clean it pouring the necessarily chemicals in the pool. If your pool requires shocking, we can also take care of the process with maximum proficiency.

    Advice can go a long way

    While providing top pool service, Barefoot Pools can advise on how to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills with your pool. Many homeowners are interested in the topic, so when we come to clean a pool we also provide safety advice and life-saving advice. These tips can go a long way and they are important for our clients. We are able to tell you how frequently your pool requires cleaning and water testing as well as if you need to change the filter or other device to increase the efficiency. Next time you need to have your pool cleaned and repaired call Barefoot Pools, the leading pool service company in Delray Beach, FL.

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