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    Pools are great, but sometimes you can’t stop but wonder if there are germs in the water. Or if your skin and hair will dry off to the chlorine. There are many more myths and misconceptions regarding pools, which helped on creating the negative buzz around these facilities. But we know best, as we are Barefoot Pools, the best pool cleaning service company in Boynton Beach, FL.

    A clean pool is safe for use

    During our 20 years of work in the Boynton Beach pool service field we’ve learned couple of common myths regarding pools. And we also offer professional advice to pool owners who want to stay on the safe side, busting the misconceptions on their pools. This is because we want to offer the complete package to our clients: from the pool cleaning to the stair brushing and the advice, our technicians are the best at their job.

    When to give us a call for pool cleaning?

    One of the biggest questions of pool owners is when it’s the right time to call in the pool service professionals. One of the biggest problems comes from the myth that says a smelly pool is safe – as long as they smell the chemicals; people think they are safe swimming and playing. This is in fact a huge misconception: the more chemicals you can smell, the dirtier your pool is. When you can smell chlorine, call Barefoot Pools to restore your water’s chemical balance and make it safe to use again.

    Pool Service Boynton Beach FL

    Don’t fall for the chemical myth

    Another problem we face often during pool cleaning is that people believe that chlorine is an all-mighty chemical which can kill every bacterium in the water. Or the myth which says that baking soda is just as effective as chlorine in killing bacteria. None of these are true, sadly and this is why many people develop recreational water illnesses. You don’t have to fall for these myths – ask Barefoot Pools professionals for advice.

    Working with the best in the industry

    Barefoot Pools is the top pool cleaning Boynton Beach company, so don’t be afraid to call us and ask how regular pool cleaning and maintenance works. This is the best way to keep your pool safe at any time, regardless howmany parties you throw and how many people you invite for a dive. With one call your friends and family can enjoy a safe splash!

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