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    Pool Resurfacing West Palm Beach, FL

    Swimming pools are a significant part of the West Palm Beach lifestyle. Maintaining your pool at peak recreational value may mean resurfacing. Barefoot Pools does pool resurfacing in West Palm Beach.

    Pools in Florida get more use than in many other states. Florida’s bright sun hits pools with heat and UV, which affects pool surfaces. An important part of an in ground pool is the surface over the concrete shell. No matter what the surface is made from or how well it has been maintained, every pool will eventually need resurfacing. Even the most durable pool surfaces have an effective lifespan of no more than about 15 years. Many factors can accelerate surface deterioration, including improper use of chemicals and leaving a pool empty.

    If you have an older fiberglass or other pool surface, it’s a good idea to check it every few months. If there is any visible cracking or chipping, there’s a problem. Cracks and chips provide a place for the accumulation of dirt, algae and even bacteria. Cracks can eventually lead to leaks. Algae and bacteria can make a pool unappealing, and even unsafe.

    There are a wide range of resurfacing materials available, and modern materials and more durable. You can choose from among such materials as glass tiles, aggregate finishes, colored quartz aggregate with polymer modified cement. The cost will depend on the size of the pool and the materials chosen.
    In all cases, pool resurfacing is not a DIY project. It’s complicated to do and should be done by experienced professionals. The pool must be drained, the old surface removed, and the base surface cleaned, before the resurfacing begins. The results will be worth it. Your pool will look good and every family member will want to swim.

    We’re family run and locally based. We’ve been in the business for 20 years and we know how important swimming pools are to families. Barefoot Pools does pool resurfacing in West Palm Beach.

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