Pool Repair Palm Beach

Pool Repair Palm Beach

Repairs for Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be the greatest addition to your backyard, making summer days sweeter, parties more fun, and helping to create memories that will last a lifetime. However, cracks, leaks, broken pumps and filters, and other pool disasters can leave you needing pool repair Palm Beach to keep your pool in top shape.

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    Pool cracks: Some pool cracks are just cosmetic and have no structural effect to the pool, but other cracks can create real damage to your pool, especially if they grow and get larger. When you notice a crack in your pools surface it is best to get a professional out to make sure the crack isn’t structural and then have it repaired quickly if it is. These cracks can be caused by a shifting of the earth underneath the surface of your pool, which is unavoidable in most cases. Depending on where the crack is you may be able to use a patch to repair the crack, but certain cracks will need larger repairs to make sure that they do not create future problems.

    Pool leaks: Pool leaks can be caused either in or out of the pool and can create quite a headache as you watch your pool slowly drain itself through this leak. While a certain amount of water disappearing from your pool is normal and caused by evaporation, anything more than that is most likely being caused by a leak. Many inground pool leaks come from a crack in the pipes under the pool and will need to be fixed by a professional. There are a few different kits on the market to help you test for different leaks but if you suspect you have a leak it is best to have it repaired as soon as possible.

    Pool pumps and filters: Pool pumps and filters can get clogged easily if they are not regularly cleaned and inspected. Once they stop working properly it can affect the health of your pool and even create some larger problems down the line. It is best to keep a close eye on your pool filters and pumps and have them repaired if you sense that one or both may not be working effectively. Having regular pool maintenance will help maintain the longevity of your pool and save you money down the line on large repairs.
    At Barefoot Pools, we want to ease your worries by offering you the exceptional knowledge and skill necessary to keeping your pool in excellent condition.

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