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    Having a swimming pool built is expensive. Maintaining your pool keeps it at maximum recreational potential, and also protects your investment. Some maintenance is best left to professionals, but there are some pool maintenance tips you can do to keep your pool in top condition. Regularity is important. Set up a schedule of what you have to do and stick to it.

    Skim your pool every few days. Things floating on the top soon sink to the bottom, where cleaning is more difficult. You’ll have wind-blown debris, twigs, dead bugs, and much else. Using a hand skimmer now saves a lot of work later.

    Clean out the strainer baskets weekly. Clean the pool filter regularly. It’s like AC filters: if the filters are dirty the equipment has to work harder. Brush the walls and tile weekly. Be careful not to scratch the surface. Clean the areas adjacent to the pool, surface areas and decks as well.

    Keep an eye on the water level. There will be some loss from evaporation, but if it seems excessive, you could have a leak that needs attention. The water level should never go below the level of the skimmer, because that could damage the pump. Monitor the pH level. There are easy to use kits that you can use. Ideally the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH level scale.

    Don’t be shy about shocking your pool with a dose of chlorine and other chemicals. The recommended chlorine level is 3ppm for it to be effective in killing bacteria and other contaminating organisms. The chemicals should be used with care, and you might work with a professional a time or two before doing it yourself. Chlorine keeps the pool safe to swim in.

    You will help keep your pool in shape by following these pool maintenance tips. But remember that leaks and problems with equipment require professional attention, Call Barefoot-Pools.


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