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    A swimming pool can be a wonderful asset for a Florida home. It’s worth remembering, though, that they are expensive to have built, and that they require regular attention. There are also some pool issues that come with considering whether to invest in a pool, and after one has been built.

    Pools are subject to local regulations, such as setback lines. An issue is the size of the pool and just where it will fit on the property. A second pool issues is will the pool be used for general family recreation, or for exercise and training? That will affect the size and shape of the pool. Another issue is whether you want an above-ground or in-ground pool. Either is a considerable investment, with in-ground being more expensive. Local regulations may determine your choice. Also, pools just don’t get delivered. They require site preparation, water inflow and drainage, and various kinds of equipment. An in-ground pool requires excavation, and may be an unsightly mess for months.

    An issue is your relationships with your neighbors. Children will be attracted to the pool, regardless of your friendships. You will need to control access, and to assure safety when you are not at home. A barrier fence is a good idea, and a pool cover should be considered.

    Your pool will require weekly skimming, and you will also need to brush surfaces weekly. You will need to keep an eye on the water level, and also monitor its pH levels. Even if you are not comfortable with chemicals like chlorine, your pool requires them. In Florida, keeping a pool fresh and free of algae and bacteria is a constant effort.

    Then there is the issue of equipment such as the pump and pool filter. They require care and maintenance. As in other aspects of residential investments, you get what you pay for. Quality equipment lasts longer and more reliably assures your pool is safe and fun to use. Barefoot-pools is a professional contractor that can help fix your pool issues.


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