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Your pool is a place for relaxation and fun. But, we know that cleaning a pool is a chore that most people don’t enjoy. Keeping your pool or spa healthy is a significant undertaking. Pools require weekly cleaning, and they need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that everyone stays safe. Dirty pools can lead to issues such as contamination and illness. Barefoot Pools is here to make sure that your family can enjoy a pristine, sparkling pool without the hassle of cleaning it yourself. Read more for a better understanding of our high quality pool cleaning Lake Worth services!


Quality Pool Cleaning Lake Worth You Can Trust

Pools and spas are very susceptible to dirt and debris, and at Barefoot Pools, we take painstaking steps to ensure that anything that is not supposed to be in your pool is removed. We use all of our resources to meticulously sanitize your swimming area, leaving you with a perfectly clean environment. Our excellent crew will net your pool to get rid of existing dirt and debris.  We also brush the walls, tiles and steps, and waterline, focusing on eliminating any dirt that has collected.  If your pool or spa still isn’t perfect, our vacuums will take care of any remaining imperfections, to leave you with a pool that looks like new. Your filtration system is a crucial aspect of daily cleanliness, so we take care of it to keep it working in peak condition. We clean any parts that need regular care to keep your system functioning properly.  This will prevent algae and bacteria from forming, and will keep your water clear.  If you want a deeper clean, we can perform an acid wash for a truly sanitized pool.

Professional commercial pool cleaning for your property

We also offer commercial pool cleaning Lake Worth services.  With a considerable amount of activity going on in a commercial pool, it is imperative that every part of the pool is clean for public safety.  We offer commercial pools the same cleaning services as residential pools, but on a larger scale.  We keep you on track with the Health Department, making sure that your pool meets all the guidelines required to avoid public health risks.

Our satisfaction guarantee

We would love to make sure that your pool is in great shape with our pool cleaning Lake Worth services.  We are leaders in this industry, so you know you’re in fantastic hands. Give us a call today for a Free Quote at (561) 642-7946 or fill out our request form on this page. We look forward to speaking with you soon!