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What Are The Different Types of Pool Filters?

If you own a pool or want to put one in, you’ll need to find a filter. There are three main pool filters options to choose from. The one you choose will depend on your personal preferences. It can also vary by your location. A basic guideline for choosing the right pool filter is to go with a large one. One of the most important considerations you should make is how big the filter is. If you have the money to pay for a filter with a great capacity, it should be a better investment! Of course, you still have to decide which type of filter to get. The three main pool filters types include DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. DE filters are a great choice if you’re looking for an efficient filter. These need to be backwashed every month or two. Plus, you will have to keep up with yearly maintenance. DE filters should be completely replaced every 7-10 years. Cartridge filters are useful for smaller pools. The cartridge is taken out and cleaned before being put back in. How often this needs to happen depends on the cartridge size. Some need to be cleaned on a monthly basis and others once per year. You will need to buy new cartridges after 3-5 years. Sand filters are low maintenance and only need to be replaced every 7 years. They’re fairly easy to use too. The tank itself will only need to be checked every 5 years. Smaller or overworked filters will need to be replaced more often, so keep that in mind. In order to choose a pool filter, you’ll have to consider how much time you want to put into it. Some require more maintenance than others. Going with a larger capacity filter can…

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Most Common Pool Issues

A swimming pool can be a wonderful asset for a Florida home. It’s worth remembering, though, that they are expensive to have built, and that they require regular attention. There are also some pool issues that come with considering whether to invest in a pool, and after one has been built. Pools are subject to local regulations, such as setback lines. An issue is the size of the pool and just where it will fit on the property. A second pool issues is will the pool be used for general family recreation, or for exercise and training? That will affect the size and shape of the pool. Another issue is whether you want an above-ground or in-ground pool. Either is a considerable investment, with in-ground being more expensive. Local regulations may determine your choice. Also, pools just don’t get delivered. They require site preparation, water inflow and drainage, and various kinds of equipment. An in-ground pool requires excavation, and may be an unsightly mess for months. An issue is your relationships with your neighbors. Children will be attracted to the pool, regardless of your friendships. You will need to control access, and to assure safety when you are not at home. A barrier fence is a good idea, and a pool cover should be considered. Your pool will require weekly skimming, and you will also need to brush surfaces weekly. You will need to keep an eye on the water level, and also monitor its pH levels. Even if you are not comfortable with chemicals like chlorine, your pool requires them. In Florida, keeping a pool fresh and free of algae and bacteria is a constant effort. Then there is the issue of equipment such as the pump and pool filter. They require care and maintenance. As in other aspects…

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Pool Maintenance Tips

  Having a swimming pool built is expensive. Maintaining your pool keeps it at maximum recreational potential, and also protects your investment. Some maintenance is best left to professionals, but there are some pool maintenance tips you can do to keep your pool in top condition. Regularity is important. Set up a schedule of what you have to do and stick to it. Skim your pool every few days. Things floating on the top soon sink to the bottom, where cleaning is more difficult. You’ll have wind-blown debris, twigs, dead bugs, and much else. Using a hand skimmer now saves a lot of work later. Clean out the strainer baskets weekly. Clean the pool filter regularly. It’s like AC filters: if the filters are dirty the equipment has to work harder. Brush the walls and tile weekly. Be careful not to scratch the surface. Clean the areas adjacent to the pool, surface areas and decks as well. Keep an eye on the water level. There will be some loss from evaporation, but if it seems excessive, you could have a leak that needs attention. The water level should never go below the level of the skimmer, because that could damage the pump. Monitor the pH level. There are easy to use kits that you can use. Ideally the pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH level scale. Don’t be shy about shocking your pool with a dose of chlorine and other chemicals. The recommended chlorine level is 3ppm for it to be effective in killing bacteria and other contaminating organisms. The chemicals should be used with care, and you might work with a professional a time or two before doing it yourself. Chlorine keeps the pool safe to swim in. You will help keep your pool…

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Pool Company

  A swimming pool is a pleasure and an asset. It is also expensive to build and maintain. There are many firms that would like to build your pool. How do you decide which one is best? Five concerns are most important when considering what firm to hire. How long have they built pools? What do their ratings from online sites like the Better Business Bureau look like? Are they fully licensed and insured? Will they provide references you can talk to? In your initial contacts with them, did they answer your questions, or did you get a sales pitch immediately? The length of time they have been in business is an indicator of reliability and local reputation. A firm with a poor reputation doesn’t stay in business very long. Use online ratings cautiously, but they can be important indicators of customer satisfaction, particularly if they are similar on several different ratings sites. The company should be fully licensed and insured. Licensing means they have met all local and professional stipulations about training and expertise. Being fully insured means they and you are protected in case employees or bystanders are injured, or if property is damaged. If a company is fully licensed and insured, it will be prominently displayed on their site. Online reviews are now basically the same as using references, check their ratings and reviews or you can ask the firm if they have any customers willing to speak with you. Lastly, what is your initial experience with the company? Are they courteous and helpful in answering your questions? If they are, that’s good. If they tried a hard sell approach the minute you walked in the door, that’s not so good. No one of these five things should determine what Lake Worth pool companies or other pool…

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Converting a Chlorine Pool to Saltwater

  As more and more people move away from adding chemicals to their daily lives in all forms, they are looking for ways to make their lives more natural. This is one of the reasons that having a saltwater pool has become more popular and trendy, and why people are wondering and looking for resources about how to convert their current chlorine pool to a saltwater pool. Saltwater pools are better for your skin, your hair, and your eyes and involve less upkeep for your pool and end up costing less as you can stop buying chlorine for your pool. Chlorine can cause skin reactions such as rashes and hives, and when you switch to a saltwater pool you no longer have to worry about the chemicals in your pool causing an adverse reaction Luckily it is relatively easy to convert your chlorine pool to a saltwater pool. The first step involves draining your pool so that you can rid it of the chlorine and unnatural chemicals. This step can be skipped if you choose to instead use another chemical to burn off the chlorine, however, draining the pool and starting from scratch is recommended. Next, you’ll need to have your pool water tested to determine what needs to be adjusted and how it can best be set up for the saltwater conversion, and this is also when you will need to decide on the type of pool salt you would like to use and have it added to your pool in the right amount based on your pool size and other factors. After this is done you will need to choose and install a saltwater chlorinator which will keep your pool water balanced. Once this is done you will be able to enjoy your saltwater pool, however, regular maintenance…

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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes That Can Destroy Pool Equipment

A pool is a highly desirable feature for a home, but it takes a great deal of care to maintain. A poorly maintained pool can lead to costly repairs and can present danger to users. There are several common mistakes that can damage your pool equipment. Algae are a common and persistent problems for pools. Do not use your automatic pool cleaner to vacuum algae. It will clog and spew the algae around, possibly making the problem worse. You need to be aware of the importance of the pH of your pool water. A low pH indicates that the water is acidic. Acidic water is trouble. It can damage your heater, your filter and your pump, which can be costly to fix. Periodic testing is a good idea. The level of water in the pool is important. If it gets too low, it can result in damage to your pump and your skimmer. If you have an automatic chlorinator, be careful with pool shock (calcium hypochlorite, for example). If you pour it into the skimmer, the shock and chlorine will mix, which creates a dangerous gas and the possibility the chlorinator will explode. A common mistake is adding granular shock directly to the pool rather than mixing it with water first. The granules sink to the bottom. Over time this can make the liner become brittle and can cause leaks. Repairing the liner is a chore that can be avoided. Barefoot Pools advises that homeowners have their pool professionally maintained on a regular basis. To maintain a pool in top condition requires a good deal of effort and time. Homeowners may not always have the time available to properly maintain their pool and its equipment. This can lead to irregular maintenance or maintenance done improperly. Professional pool maintenance will prevent…

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What Other Bacteria Besides Algae Is Turning Your Pool Green?

Whenever you see that your pool has a green tint your mind is automatically going to go to algae, which is a fair assumption. Most of the time this would be correct and you will be dealing with some sort of algae but what most people don’t know is that there could be other culprits for your pools sudden greenness. When dealing with a green pool your first step is usually going to be to shock it or to treat it with an algaecide. However, if this doesn’t work you are probably going to be wondering what to do next and what could possibly be turning your pool water green. Two reasons that your pool is green could be algae, of course, or copper. If your shock or algaecide doesn’t do the trick you may need to consult with a pool specialist that has proper equipment and testing chemicals to make sure that everything is back to normal with your pool. A professional will usually still want to rule out algae by asking you a series of questions and looking for signs in the pool itself. They will also want to check the chlorine levels in your pool because most of the time algae is present in pools with no or very little chlorine. If the chlorine levels are high but there is signs of algae it is possible that it is still the culprit and has just become immune to the level of chlorine that you use in your pool. If the pool turned green directly after adding a large dose of chlorine, such as a shock dosage, then there is something a little bit more complicated going on in your pool. In this case it is usually copper which can be introduced to your swimming pool in a…

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What You Can Do To Help Keep Your Pool Clean Between Maintenance

It would be great if we could just clean our pools once and have it done until next time our pool cleaning service comes around. Unfortunately, if you want to keep swimming in your pool in the may time it may require a little more work than that. Just like any other area of your house, it is important to go through really quickly and make sure that there is no obvious mess hanging around. The first task is something that you should do on a daily basis and that is to get all of the debris and trash that may have fallen in there. If there has been a storm in the last couple nights it is very likely that your pool became a catch-all for animals, sticks, trash, and other debris. You can get these out relatively easily by using your net to fish out anything that you can’t reach and then vacuuming the bottom of the pool as well which should take under an hour. This will make your pool look a lot better! You can also prevent things from falling into your pool by cleaning the area around the pool and removing anything that could be pushed in. Another thing that can avoid this nuisance is to be cognizant about what you plant by your pool area. If you plant a tree, try and make sure it is a tree that only sheds its leaves a couple of times a year instead of consistently. Also find something that doesn’t have aggressive roots so that you don’t damage the pool. You should always leave the chemicals up to the professional. You don’t want to end up getting hurt or sick or making someone else hurt or sick. However, you can check the water in between visits to…

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Did You Know Swimming In Clothes Can Cause Your Pool To Become Cloudy?

Having a swimming pool requires maintenance, sometimes things get in the way of properly maintaining a pool which causes it to become cloudy. One reason a pool can become cloudy is wearing regular clothes in a pool, something most people are unaware of. This is why we have swimsuits for swimming. We’ve all pushed someone into the pool fully clothed, and yes it is hilarious, but without realizing it you are causing damage to your pool. Cotton and other materials fibers can hold bacteria, germs, and detergents for much longer than swimsuit materials. Now you’ve got bacteria that has attached itself to that person’s clothes floating around in your pool water, ew! On top of that, chlorine doesn’t mix well with dyes used on clothes, which causes your clothes to fade and now you’ve released dye into your pool water as well.  Cotton also absorbs more water than a swimsuit, this will cause you to have to use more chlorine to balance your pool again. Chlorine can break down cotton causing clothes to fray. The stings or strands start to clog the drain and filter. With a clogged filter your pool is struggling to efficiently filter pool water. All of that is just from someone swimming with their clothes on, that doesn’t even take into account normal body oils, sun screen, lotions, and dead skin that comes off of us when we swim. To keep your pool at its best make sure all swimmers are in proper attire when using the pool. Maintenance is also key, if you can’t keep up with it yourself. Consult your local pool care professionals.

What To Look For When Hiring A Pool Service Company In South Florida

If you live in South Florida you probably know that swimming pools are extremely common. If you own a pool, you will have the responsibility to keep it clean and maintain it on your own. This may be a challenge for you as we all have busy lives and don’t always pay attention to pool maintenance. If you are too busy it would be wise to hire a pool service company to ensure that your pool doesn’t suffer because of your busy life and you can still enjoy it when you want to. Once you decide that you are ready to invest in some professional pool care, the next thing you need to think about is what company to go with and how to tell which one will be worth the money and worthy of your trust. We have compiled a list of what you should look for when you are hiring a pool company, specifically in South Florida, so that you don’t waste your time and money and risk much more. There are two things that every legitimate pool companies will have and you should not hire a pool company that doesn’t have them. These two things are worker’s compensation insurance and proof of liability. These things are set in place to protect you. The worker’s compensation insurance ensures that you won’t have to spend millions if someone gets hurt while cleaning your pool. The proof of liability protects you in the event that the pool company damages your pool. Another important thing you should see for yourself is the certifications that the company has certifications for equipment maintenance, repair, and water chemistry. If they do not have these certifications, you and your pool will suffer because they will not have the correct information and could throw the pH…

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Pool Maintenance & Pool Service in Lake Worth, FL

Owning a pool gives your house a glam look, but you need to care for that pool if you want to keep it luxurious, otherwise you may end up with green water and broken filters, which are nothing but glamorous. To make sure you don’t kill your daydreams and you keep up showing off the pool to your friends, while working on the tan and fitness, you need help from the professionals: Barefoot Pools. How can a pool cleaning company help you overall? Barefoot Pools is the best pool cleaning company in Lake Worth, FL and if you want to keep your pool in top shape you do need their help. Now, you might think that your oasis is just fine with some leaves cleaning couple of times per week; you are terribly wrong! If you want to spend the afternoons by the pool, you need proper pool maintenance services, which include shocking, technical service, power washing, water testing and winterizing. We will explain what each one means in the following, to give you a better understanding on why you need the experts from Barefoot Pools. Winterizing in Florida This is a sort of non-sense, but if you are going to take a long break from using your pool you need to preserve it properly. To get the best services, you should call a professional company. If you fail to preserve the pool for the time it’s not going to be used, you might return to a pool filled with dangerous bacteria and filth. Besides, if you don’t blow out the water from the pumps and you don’t clean the filters you might deal with expensive repairs. At Barefoot Pools we like to prevent, so just give us a call to save on pool maintenance in Lake Worth. Strange sounds…

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The Right Pool Supplies Are Essential For Pool Cleaning In Lake Worth, Fl

The Right Pool Supplies Are Essential For Pool Cleaning In Lake Worth, Fl What people fail to understand is that your kids may be just as exposed to harmful viruses and bacteria in your own private pool as much as in any public pool. Yes, public pools may seem worse because of the large number of people that use it, and consequently, increasing the chances of contracting diseases. Private pools like the ones in your house can act as a cesspool of diseases primarily due to being open for a prolonged period of time, especially during the rainy season, which is perfect for fungal and bacterial growth. Thus, your private pools need as rigorous and periodical cleanings as the ones done in public pools. Pool cleaning and pool maintenance need not be as cumbersome as you may think. With the right company, you will find the best cleaning supplies along with an amazing and educational experience. The right pool supply store will cover the basic pool supplies for you as well as make you aware about future pool services. Barefoot Pools offers their customers top notch services.   What are the important factors? pH level This essentially refers to the acidic level of your pool water.  The neutral pH level is taken to be 7 and ideally, the pool water must have a pH of 7 to 7.6 for perfect swimming conditions. Acidic or alkaline water can lead to problems of the skin and the eyes. Chlorine content Chlorine is one the essentials in pool cleaning. It is used to kill bacteria and most types of harmful viruses.  However the chlorine content should be around 5 to 10 PPM (parts per million) in the water and is ideally done after sundown with a pump and filter. But after this, the…

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Barefoot Pools understands the importance of pool cleaning in Boynton Beach, FL

Pool cleaning in Boynton Beach, FL Your pool is where you teach your kids to swim and have fun during the hot days of the year. But to be able to enjoy all the benefits of having a pool, you need to take care of it on regular basis. The easiest way to do this is to hire a company which understands the importance of pool maintenance in Boynton Beach, FL. The pool company which works for you Barefoot Pools is the company which understands the importance of pool cleaning and makes sure you have the safest experience each time you take a take a dip. Barefoot Pools has the knowledge and the tools required for the job, so just give us a call and then step back: when we are done, you will benefit from the crystal clear water you love. Why are we the best in at pool cleaning in Boynton Beach, FL? Over the years, Barefoot Pools made a name in pool maintenance and for a good reason: it takes more than couple of brushes to clean a pool and we know that very well. Your pool needs weekly maintenance, like cleaning all the debris on the pool surface as well as from the filters, cleaning the pumps and testing the levels of the pH. Deep cleansing of the tiles using a good brush is very important and we, at Barefoot Pools always pay attention to the details. Technical pool maintenance is critical to ensure the safety of your personal dive and protect you from diseases and allergies. Our experience taught us that skipping pool cleaning promotes the development of scum, which leads to corrosion and the formation of a slimy layer all around the pool. This layer is among the top causes of pump malfunctions, filter…

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Why Proper Pool Maintenance Is So Important In West Palm Beach, FL?

Why Proper Pool Maintenance Is So Important In West Palm Beach, FL? Now that you have a new pool for your family and kids to enjoy, the next step is pool maintenance and pool cleaning. This is very essential if you are located in West Palm Beach, Fl. As the pool becomes old, foreign particles and debris accumulates inside your swimming pool. This in turn increases the risk of blocking the external drainage pipes as well as all of the circulation pumps. Apart from this, the pool walls and the pool floor can become covered in fungal growth. Sometimes, the tiles at the bottom of your pool can also crack, causing water to seep into the inner construction. The hiring of service personnel is beneficial in this case. With Barefoot Pools, you will experience the very best of pool services and the best pool supply store. Why do you need proper pool maintenance? It saves a ton of money. No, this is not a joke. Continued pool maintenance of your private pools can also have the long-term effect of helping you to save a ton of cash. The pool companies can help you decide on buying electronic and other pool cleaning equipment and recommend the good ones from the bad. Moreover, if you are working on a budget, they can give you advice related to it. It increases the life duration of your pool When you clean your pool regularly along with checking up on your pumps, you are making sure that everything is in order and if there is a problem, it can be checked exactly at the beginning before it escalates any further. Say you don’t do pool servicing and fail to see a leaking pump. Do you realize how harmful that will be if left unchecked? It…

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Boca Raton Pool Service Pros since 1987

Why Hire A Licensed Pool Service Company In Boca Raton, FL? A swimming pool, which is surely a great source of relaxation to you or your friends. But, you may not get the fullest satisfaction if the pool is not maintained properly.  You have to give some efforts particularly when it is a large size pool, which is designed for large number of individuals. Choose only a certified company in Boca Raton, FL You do not need to be concerned if you make contact with a pool maintenance service in order to make certain that your swimming pool is always taken care of. But, you should be certain that you have hired a licensed pool service provider as Barefoot Pools in Boca Raton, Fl. Otherwise you may run into different complications, and it is usually not a good plan to appoint pool service providers that do not have a proper license supporting their work. A complete evaluation of the pool in Boca Raton, FL If you hire professionals, your pool will be offered a thorough assessment to know the details of the issue. It cannot only save much time and wealth, but will also assure that potential problems are not overlooked.  Our pool service experts are also proficient to give advice on the equipment or chemicals, which have to be used to successfully restore the design of the pool to its original look. The pool service technicians will also inform you of the planning procedure for repairs and may help you to select the most appropriate options. You can also attempt to know about the kind of pools, which will match perfectly with the available space. With the recommendations from the knowledgeable people, you can remain certain that all the requirements are truly fulfilled. Licensed pool cleaning services will also offer: A full serviced weekly pool-cleaning program Right chemical washes in order to…

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Pool Service in Lake Worth, FL

Residential & Commercial Pool Service in Lake Worth, FL Barefoot Pools is the premier Residential & Commercial pool cleaning company located in Lake Worth, FL. We proudly offer our pool cleaning services throughout all of Palm Beach County. All our services are provided at an affordable cost and with the highest quality standards to keep your swimming pool in the best condition for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy! There are plenty of pool cleaning companies that claim to offer the best services in Lake Worth, however, the true reputation of our company is unmatched. We have providing our premier pool cleaning services in Lake Worth, FL for over 30 years and have a base of 25,000+ satisfied customers! Simply put, Barefoot Pools is the pool service company you can trust. Reach out to us today for a Free Quote by submitting the CONTACT FORM or by calling us at: (561) 642-7946 We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business and adding you to our growing list of 25,000+ satisfied customers!

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