What Other Bacteria Besides Algae Is Turning Your Pool Green?

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    Whenever you see that your pool has a green tint your mind is automatically going to go to algae, which is a fair assumption. Most of the time this would be correct and you will be dealing with some sort of algae but what most people don’t know is that there could be other culprits for your pools sudden greenness.

    When dealing with a green pool your first step is usually going to be to shock it or to treat it with an algaecide. However, if this doesn’t work you are probably going to be wondering what to do next and what could possibly be turning your pool water green.

    Two reasons that your pool is green could be algae, of course, or copper. If your shock or algaecide doesn’t do the trick you may need to consult with a pool specialist that has proper equipment and testing chemicals to make sure that everything is back to normal with your pool.

    A professional will usually still want to rule out algae by asking you a series of questions and looking for signs in the pool itself. They will also want to check the chlorine levels in your pool because most of the time algae is present in pools with no or very little chlorine. If the chlorine levels are high but there is signs of algae it is possible that it is still the culprit and has just become immune to the level of chlorine that you use in your pool.

    If the pool turned green directly after adding a large dose of chlorine, such as a shock dosage, then there is something a little bit more complicated going on in your pool. In this case it is usually copper which can be introduced to your swimming pool in a number of ways. If you are worried that there is copper in your pool water you can ask your pool specialist to test for the presence of copper. If this turns out to be the problem you can treat your pool with a metal remover which will take care of the problem for you!

    No matter what’s turning your pool green, you don’t want to swim in a pool full of it. It is better to just deal with the problem straight away and go back to enjoying your summer fun so you should just call a pool professional.

    No one wants a green pool, your problem may not only be algae! Consult your local pool care professionals.


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